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The year 2018 of Sobek, a year of renewal
En cette période de début d’année, il est souvent d’actualité de faire un petit retour en arrière sur l’année passée pour célébrer les succès et voir les améliorations à apporter. L’objectif est de partager avec nos fans et clients, de Madagascar ou d’ailleurs, nos activités et nos projets de développement pour promouvoir notre beau métier : la maroquinerie.
Bags or accessories in leather : why are they so expensive?
Bags or accessories, we find all styles but those who hold the top of the podium are undoubtedly leather goods! It can be said that sometimes the most expensive items are not necessarily the ones that seem the most elegant or the most stylish to us and it may seem absurd to spend so much for "just" a bag. The question arises: why are some prices astronomical while others are more than reasonable?
Trendy bags of this season
Leather bags, timeless, do not play in the game of collections and reinvent themselves every year at the discretion of fashion designers. The trend of the moment bring forth the following models.
Do you know Sobek?
Formerly known as Reptel, Sobek is a brand of leather goods exclusively Malagasy that has existed since 1989. For almost 30 years, the Sobek workshops have been working with exotic leathers including snakes, sharks and lizards, but especially crocodile, the country's emblematic animal. Sobek products have always emphasized the quality of the raw materials and the control of the manufacturing, entirely done by hand.
Crocodile leather goods...a work of precision
Crocodile skin is surely the most emblematic exotic leathers. Long regarded as madness of the rich, they are more and more present in current trends! Let's see why!