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Trendy bags of this season

Trendy bags of this season

Manambina RAMAROSON Jun 27, 2018 Trends 0 Comments

The leather bag, symbol of the leathercraft's world andindespensable accessory, is revisited in a thousand ways by fashion designers. Unlike faux leather, cotton or nylon bags, it doesn't go with the rules of the collections but more often then not are found to be classics. Each year, some models are put forward with new interpretations to make the trend and we are oing to divule here the must-have of the moment.

The shoulder bag

Very trendy for a few years, the shoulder bag exists in different shapes and sizes. It can go with all styles and is really convenient for all the necessary things that we can just throw in and enjoy our day! For a bohemian look, it's better to choose a soft leather bag or suede and you'll have a loose effect to play it cool. Large models with rectangular shapes or half-moon are the most suitable for this look, while the colors remain rather classic with camel, burgundy, gray or black. It's the opposite if you're aiming for a more chic look. In this case, small models with graphic aspects are the best choices and do not hesitate to have really bright colors! Whatever the style, to be more fashionable, you will need to focus on details such as a jewelery clasp, fringes and tassels or metal studs on the shoulder strap.

The bucket-bag, it-bag of the moment

The bucket bag or purse bag, with its vintage style, has been back on the scene  for the recent years and is now part of the essential accessories. Although it retains its original silhouette, the shape of a purse, hence the name, it is now in a multitude of declensions of style, which is one of its strengths! Its other asset is of course its practicality, indeed, you can have everything at hand while having your peace of mind with the bond that tightens and protects your little treasures. Moreover, it is an all-purpose bag and you can wear it whether for work, for a date or to o shoppin, by day or by night. To achieve your look, we recommend soft or suede leather models, with plain color for a casual chic look, ideal for the office, or embellished with fringes, colorful embroidery or metallic stars to be in the folk fever, ultra-trendy this year !

The bum bag, the comeback

Present on the podiums of the great creators of the last seasons, the bum bag makes its comeback by gaining a chic look while keeping its practical aspect. With a strict line, precious details and noble materials, it becomes more sophisticated and takes all the codes of the ideal bag in miniature. The fashion asset is undoubtedly the belt in thin leather strap or delicate chain, far from the nylon band, sawing waist. Whether worn on the hips or on the shoulder, the bum bag is now part of the women's wardrobe, without complex and with a slight provocation, as a challenge to good taste!