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Our company

SOBEK is a company based in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

Over the years, SOBEK have perfected their skills to perfection.

Whether you’re looking for bags, small leather goods, accessories or luxury items, all products are made on request and every item is handcrafted by highly skilled workers.

At SOBEK, they mainly work on farmed crocodile skins imported via Europe, where they have been treated with the most sophisticated techniques. SOBEK also use small reptile and shark skins for smaller accessories. 

After years of experience producing fine leather goods with crocodile skins, SOBEK now focus on the importance of ethics and sustainability.

The company are dedicated to only using skins from poacher-free suppliers. They also only purchase the skins from the most reliable tanners from around the world, who hold warranties by CITES, which focusses on crocodile resettlement in their original habitat.



SOBEK is a company in constant development. Classic and timeles, SOBEK approaches every season with new vigour, ensuring new designs, new combinations of materials and new trends are set.

Thankfully, SOBEK who only use skins of CITES certified crocodiles from specialised farms and who ensure the skins are tanned and dyed in Europe, will not be penalised by the next CITES convention on the protection of endangered species. 

As a result of this, SOBEK will continue to remain faithful to its tradition of craftsmanship. We can guarantee that all our products are made entirely by hand using high quality materials, to ensure every customer is satisfied.


SOBEK is a company that has been based in Madagascar for several decades. This tradition for quality and often unique pieces, made the reputation of the company and loyalty of many customers around the world.

Today, with new designers in place, SOBEK combines tradition and innovation. Beyond the production of beautiful items and garments, SOBEK is proud to be active in the preservation and reproduction of crocodiles in their habitat in and around Madagascar.